Sunday Worship August 23rd 2020

A Burning Heart | Sunday Worship, August 23, 2020

Instructions: The words and videos below are meant to be read and played in sequence, together forming one complete worship service. Begin by pressing play on the first video.

God Bless!




If the Lord had not been on our side… Where would we be?

To be Christian is to trust, and to move forward in power of that trust.

Through fire and flood, plague and adversity, we are all called to do our part in the name of the One who will win in the end…

The One who makes the darkness tremble…


Certain spaces in the prayer are left open for you to add whatever is on your heart to add.

And Let Us Pray…

Lord God, Creator, Redeemer,

We lift before you the concerns that we share with our world…

… with our nation …

… with our communities …

… our families …

… our friends …

… our neighbors …

… and ourselves …

Watch over us, and guide us in these times of uncertainty and fear, into your promise and your future.

Forgive us for all the wrong that we have done,

Willingly and unwillingly,

Knowingly or unknowingly.

Give us your grace, to resist tomorrow whatever temptation we have given into today,

To persevere in challenges we have yet to face,

To live beyond fear.

In the name of Jesus Christ, who brings us through the fire, Amen.

Now, I’m pleased to introduce my father, Pastor Norman Bude, and his message for this Sunday.


We are not immune to the trials and tribulations of this world.

But neither do we fight these battles alone. We are here, still, because of the God who fights for us.


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  1. Thank you Pastor Norman, Sharon and Shanna for this uplifting message video Worship Service. It has Blessed my Life on this Day.


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