Ask the Hard Questions | Sunday Worship, April19th, 2020

Instructions: The words and videos below are meant to be read and played in sequence, together forming one complete worship service. Begin by pressing play on the first video.

God Bless!



Last week, we celebrated the resurrection.

We celebrate still.

And we are tempted to leave it there, to pretend that the story ends there.

We are tempted to see salvation as an achievement, a race to be run, a prize won – and then, DONE.

We are tempted to see salvation as a gift, given once and for all to us, by God – and then, DONE.

We are tempted to let things end on Easter morning, to say that God has won victory over death, and therefore, we are now, DONE.

Today, we are called to remember that we are still living in this world . . .

that God is still working in this world . . .

that each one of us is still NEEDED in this world . . .

that we are NOT done . . .

And Let Us Pray…

Lord God, Creator, Redeemer,

We lift before you the concerns that we share with our world…

… with our nation …

… with our communities …

… our families …

… our friends …

… our neighbors …

… and ourselves …

Watch over us, and guide us in these times of uncertainty and fear, into your promise and your future.

Forgive us for all the wrong that we have done,

Willingly and unwillingly,

Knowingly or unknowingly.

Give us your grace, to resist tomorrow whatever temptation we have given into today,

To persevere in challenges we have yet to face,

To live beyond fear.

In the name of the victorious Christ, Amen.

Now, I’m pleased to introduce my father, Pastor Norman Bude, and his message for this Sunday morning.

We are the people of God, called to ask hard questions – and more than ask, to live out the answers.

We are the people called to make a difference in this world.

So go this week to ask the hard questions: How will your life make a difference, here and now.

8 thoughts on “Ask the Hard Questions | Sunday Worship, April19th, 2020”

  1. Wonderful music and message. One part of the service I am missing is prayer requests. Is there some way we could submit a prayer request by a certain day and somehow it could be incorporated into this service? It would be one way we could be more connected to our brothers and sisters in Christ at PUMC.

    • What a great idea, Lee, thanks for suggesting it!

      I spoke with my father and he’s going to think about how best to incorporate such thing if possible.

      Since this is the internet, and the posts are public for anyone (like, literally anyone in the entire world) to view, we do have to be a bit careful about making sure everyone understands that and is comfortable with it – or figure out a way to still keep certain things private. But it’s a good suggestion, and we will look into it, so more information to come.

      If you have any more ideas about how to do this, feel free to let me or my father know!

  2. It was nice touch to have music to go along with the sermon. Nice that we are able to stay home and still have a connection. WE miss church and our church family and the fellowship that we have there.

    Thank you Pastor Norm and Shana

    • I’m missing church too, Rayna, so I know what you mean. And even before all this, I missed working on church stuff with my father. Putting these services together is helping me with both, and I am so glad others find them valuable as well.


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